Understanding the Nature and Dynamics of Business

    Businesses are comprised of relationships and systems.  Those relationships and systems have legal, economic/financial and personal and practical dimensions.  While business or legal issues can sometimes be addressed solely within the realm of a single specialty, e.g., law or marketing, more frequently problems involve multiple aspects of a business.  More than just a legal mechanic, Mark’s education and training enable him to appreciate all of those relationships and systems, to provide integrated advice and solutions to management and to facilitate the implementation of those solutions.
How Mark’s Services Are Provided

    Mark’s services are tailored to the client’s needs.  He has provided services both as a part-time executive and/or general counsel, spending specific time each week integrated on-site in the client’s business, and on a more traditional consulting hourly or project basis.
Mark is frequently called upon to formulate plans and to coordinate and integrate managers and the services of other professionals in implementing those plans.
    Whatever the need, an engagement begins with Mark’s analysis of the client’s business and the issues the business is addressing – whether that means a particular set of symptoms, a problem or challenge, the need to fill a functional vacancy on the management team, or the development and implementation of a plan to achieve a particular result.  A solution or action plan is then developed with the client to address the need or issue, and, if desired by the client, Mark can help implement the plan.

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Mark is more than a lawyer. He has become a friend and trusted advisor...Mark spearheaded changes in our work-flow control and accounting systems that significantly improved our efficiency and enabled us to more quickly and accurately bid and bill projects and monitor and control costs...Mark also created our employee handbook and policies and Injury Prevention Program and has drafted and reviewed numerous contracts, negotiating changes to a contract with a major customer that I didn’t think they would change.
Mark is a great sounding board for important strategic matters and I value his input. For a growing company like mine, having someone like Mark to call on is essential... LP

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