The $12 million per year corporate client continued to lose money despite annual growth. Mark performed a cost accounting and job bidding analysis, identifying unprofitable activities and customers. He then did a review of accounting systems, which revealed record-keeping gaps that precluded management's discovery of the causes.  
    Mark then assisted management in devising a plan to improve profitability, including the implementation of price structure changes, elimination of unprofitable business and changes to bidding processes. The business was turned around and ultimately sold, allowing the owner to retire.

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A Complete Range of Services

    Mark provides business clients such as corporations, partnerships and proprietorships with a broad range of general business and legal guidance and assistance in matters including:
    • legal, finance and general business issues in starting a business
    • business co-ownership issues, i.e., the relationship between and among partners and/or shareholders and other stakeholders
    • business management and operational issues including relationships with employees, vendors, customers and governmental organizations
    • guidance and negotiations in avoiding litigation and resolving disputes, adoption of litigation positions and acting as liaison and with litigation counsel
    • providing advice concerning the legal and practical impact of corporate and marketing strategies and decisions and tax matters
    • business reorganizations, relationships with other entities such as joint ventures and strategic alliances
    • exit strategies, including sales of all or a part  of a business,  business dissolutions and insolvency matters.

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